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07:20pm 30/11/2004
  My new livejournal name is....



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You've Got A Friend...   
09:46pm 21/11/2004
mood: I'm sexxxxeyyyy...
Kelsey where are you?! I MISS YOU!

I keep texting you Kelsey, but you never text me back! I've been texting Mikey more than I've been texting you! You watch your back Kelsey, I may do something crazy. "Hey this is Josh Reese, umm... I'll bring my Ninja Turtle costume and you bring yours."

My deoderant is making my armpits itch up to the ying yang.

This weekend me and the glorious wonderful Katy kicked it like old times. The topics of the evening were where Katy put her fingers in my bathroom, whatever she did to my carpet, her cramps, David's black penis, how ugly her dog is (we can't go a day without disccusing that), SIMS, getting abducted, how I killed her fish with feminine products(I swear I didn't mean to), how hairy our legs are, and a little bit of Emily. AHAHA. God I love you Katya. We were supposed to go see a movie or something, but we ditched that plan and watched Saved at my house and All I Wanna Do, but Katy fell asleep before she got to see Tom Guiry's hot bod. We also ditched the Bear-Zarr plan.


Life is good. I love you all. I also love Stu. And Merkin.


But not Rafe. Ahahahaha... Okay I'm kidding. I love you too Rafe. Your skin is soft like a babies bottom.

Kelsey when you and Sam get up here you gotta hang out with my friends, so everyone make themselves available. OH and we have to go through the BOXES of photos we have of us together, Katy saw a few of them, we were totally inseperable. I MISS YOU BEAN! UGGGGGH!


I love all of you!

Me: Guys tend to get kissy... right before they give you the shaft!
Connor: WHAT!?!
Me: NOO! No... no not like that. I take it back. JayKay everyone Jaaaay Effing Kaaaaay!
Kelly: You just mention "shaft" and Connor freaks out. I swear... you HAVE to be gay Con.
Connor: Why does everyone think that? Mom even made me read pamphlets. You just wait and see, the geek will get the girl this time around.
*long pause*
Me: Shaft.
Connor: That's it, peace out.
Kelly: He's probably going to read some more pamphlets.

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This is about as social as I get now.   
11:41pm 14/11/2004
mood: whatever
This is where I say I've had enough.

I finally talked to Rafe today. It's been FOREVER since he moved, he didn't call me or anything since. Until tonight. He was online, and of course I saw him online for a good ten minutes, pretending I didn't care that he wasn't talking to me. Then he IMed me. It was just a normal "hey" I don't know why, but I was expecting so much more. Ya know? Like someone doesn't just move to Montana leaving you a sweet letter and a kiss (on the forehead... hey... don't hate, thats the most action I've had in over a year!) and then he just IMs you casually and is like "Hey" he might as well called me "dude" or "bro" or something. I swear, do I give off a vibe or something? Seriously, all my friends are guys, (the ones that get me and care about me that is, except for Sam and Kelsey... and they live 2 hours away by plane.) it's like I have some hidden level of testosterone. Somethings up. Not my penis, God knows I probably have one, I'm just too afraid to check.

Anyways, Rafe and I talked, nothing about him leaving though really, I didn't ask why he didn't call me, or IM me, or get online, or write. I guess I kind of just knew. As insane as it sounds, I think it hurt him to leave just as much as it hurt me to be left. As much as I wanted to talk to Rafe in the months that he was gone, I was also scared to. What do I say to a guy who confessed so much to me in one letter? I don't know how to react to anything that major. It just sucks, how so many people are caught up in their own lives, spilling their problems to me, not asking if I have anything to say. You know, my life sucks too guys, really, it does. Nothings hunky dory in the Porter house. Just thought I'd let you know, thanks for asking. Thanks for being concerned. All I needed was someone to be there and no one was. How many times have I been at someones every need, every call, and then got ditched in the end. After lending support, helping, reaching out. I'm like a fucking answeing machine. Everyone dumps their shit on my, and I can't even fucking say anything back.

Do you ever find yourself wishing for something awful to happen, like getting hit by a car, or getting murdered, just to see how people would react, just to say how many people would cry? I'm pretty sure few would notice.

I don't think that I'm getting any better.

Most days, I just don't even feel it. I can go through cycles, I can stand by and watch people lose themselves to others, lose themselves in people, in friends, thinking what they're doing is normal. Ditching under false pretenses. How normal is that? I can stand idly by, and watch someone total their lives, cause a train wreck of problems and insecurities, just so they can come back and tell me all about it. I've been there, in more ways any of you can understand, I've gone through things that no one should go through. And I can't even let people know.

How many times have you seen me cry? I can't remember one time you told me it was going to be alright. I never gave you a reason to say that. You never let me. I didn't need you to say it anyway.

Nothings going to be alright.

No one should ever feel the way that I feel now.

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08:00pm 10/11/2004


He's soooo nice, he used to babysit me all the time and take me out to Sonic Burger. He and my sister were really good friends.

He was in Brink as the mean guy Val, and he was Spike in the Little Giants. And he was the mean guy in One Tree Hill who takes Chad MM and James Laffertys clothes and makes them go into the department store naked to buy douche bags.


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No Effing WAY!   
10:58pm 07/11/2004
mood: I'm so pregnant.
Oh my effing God.

Someone please save me.

I've been listening to HERO on repeat for the past 3 hours. I think I'm going insane.

The worst part is,

I'm not even sick of the song yet.

I think I'm becoming one of those girls. We all know the kind of girls I'm talking about, the tragically obsessed girls, who eat bon bons and watch romantic comedies over and over until settling on a good horror movie where the gorgeous but self centered jock boy dies in the end. The kind of girl who talks to the posters on her wall "Oh Brad, oh Matt, oh Jhonny... OH TOM!" You know what I'm talking about. It's taking me over. It really is. And I don't even have a boyfriend to be mad at.

Oh no, that's not even the worst part. The worst part is I've found that I relate to this song really well right now:

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The boys... I want the boyssss....   
08:45pm 07/11/2004
mood: Singing to Spongebob
It smells like moldy ass is what it smells like!

Moldy ass... ahh yes come to think of it I did leave some ass in the back of the car a while ago.

I want a glory hole. Yes I do. But I would have nothing to use it for.

Someone left a pack of condoms on top of the mail box we have down the street. Poor guy, I hope he's not looking for them.

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Fuck Grandma! It's PEARL I'm talking about.   
08:36pm 07/11/2004
mood: gleeeeeeeee
The holidays are just around the corner.

And you know what that means.


The new nickname...


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Watched some movies, took a few notes, it was fuuuuuuunnnn.   
04:36pm 05/11/2004
mood: Singing to Spongebob
We all go a little mad sometimes.

Randy: If you were the only suspect in a senseless bloodbath, would you be standing in the horror section?
Stu: It was just a missunderstanding, he didn't do anything.
Randy: You're such a little lapdog. He's got killer all over his forehead!
Stu: OOOOOOKAY, really? Then why'd the cops let him go smart guy?
Randy: Because obviously they don't watch enough movies. The standard horror movie stuff. Prom Night Revisited man.
Stu: Yeah? Why would he want to kill his own girlfriend?
Randy: There's always some stupid bullshit reason to kill your girlfriend. That's the beauty of it all, simplicity. Besides, if it gets too complicated, you lose your target audience.
Stu: Well, what's his reason?
Randy: Maybe Sidney wouldn't have sex with him.
Stu: Haha, what? Is she saving herself for you?
Randy: Maybe, now that Billy tried to murder her, do you think Sid would go out with me?
Stu: AHAHA! Ahee, aho. *pause* No, I don't. At all. No. You know who I think it is? I think it's her father. Why can't they find her pops man?
Randy: Because... he's probably DEAD! He's body will pop up in the last reel somewhere, eyes gouged out, fingers cut off, teeth knocked out!
Stu: Chill man...
Randy: The police are always off track with this shit, if they would watch Prom Night they'd save time. There's a formula to it, a very simple formula! EVERYBODY'S A SUSPECT!
*Everyone around stops and looks at Stu and Randy, Stu makes an action like Randy is just high*
Randy: I'm telling you, the dad's a red harring, it's Billy.
*Turns around and runs right into Billy*
Billy: How do we know you're not the killer?
Randy: Huh...
Billy: Huh?
Randy: Hi Billy.
Billy: Maybe your movie-freak mind lost it's reality button, you ever think of that?
Randy: You are absolutly right, I'm the first to admit it, if this were a scary movie I would be the prime suspect.
Billy: That's right.
Stu: *Playing with Randy's earlobe.* What would be your motive?
Randy: It's the milenium, motive's are incidental.
Billy: The milenium?
Stu: Hmm.
Billy: The milenium, *pinches Randy's nose* I like that. That's good, the milenium. Good kid. *Walks off leaving Randy and Stu alone.*
Stu: Milenium, good word my man.
Randy: *Turns to face Stu as soon as Billy is gone.* And you are telling me that's not a killer?

Billy: RAW!
Sid: AHH!
Stu: Billy... *chuckles* Hmm... what are you doing here? *In an obvious way.*
Billy: I was hoping I could talk to Sid alone.
Sid: You know, if Tatum sees you here, she'll draw blood.
Stu: I'll tell you what, why don't you guys go up to my parents room. You know you guys can talk... *being obvious* 'whatever'.
Billy: Subtely Stu. Look it up.

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Drop it like its haaawt.   
06:12pm 04/11/2004
mood: Virginish
I want it to be next year so I can go to homecoming again.

My dad just took a picture of my putting on deoderant. That is so going to be this years Christmika card.

Something told the wild geese for sure.

I hate Tristan.

I want soy milk.

I can get my thoughts out very nice with these short little lists.

But in other news, I'm hungry. Like very hungry, and Zuko just came out from behind his kitty bed and just hurled himself at Kenicki. Yes, we named our cats after the characters from Grease, this was a while ago. Catch up.

I'm begining to think I'm not hungry at all, but I have a stomach ache instead.

The Fourth Of July is a long way away... :(

I'm going to Canda to play in the snow for Mid Winter Break, hopefully Kelsey is coming, if she would just ask her mom.

Kevin Grumble Cakes.

I want my birthday present.

I'm going to go watch Scream.

Someone comment and give me something to talk about, because these short segements are ridiculous.


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07:55pm 03/11/2004
mood: LOOPY!

I've come to a few conclusions, but I have to make this short.

1. If I have to be a virgin for 14 more years, I'm going to be the sluttiest virgin I can be. (AKA... the biggest prude on earth)
2. John Travolta will be sexy even when he's 103.
3. I have a thing for dimples.
4. I think I'm being watched by ghosts. All the time.
5. I am NEVER going to skip 4th period science AGAIN. BAD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU SKIP! (example, Tina gets molested and stays the entire period in the bathroom... and Stephanie and I get caught.)
6. When someone pinches your arm fat, and you turn around to find someone you don't know, try turning the other way before you start accusing the stranger of pinching your arm fat.
7. Taylor is much better looking with baggy jeans and sweatshirts and his grandmas hat. And no make up.
8. Stalking your cousin is not the smartest idea.
9. My new favorite number is 17.
10. My new favorite song is Those Magic Changes.
11. Hannah is very passionate about polotics. In a way Faith is not. (Faith is obsessed... shh Faith, you are. Hannah is just... well she crys.)
12. I just tore all my fake nails off.
13. My nails are in pain.
14. Curse this Silver Ring Thing.
15. If anyone is interested in being a virgin for life contact me.
16. My sister is the cruelest human being on earth.

If you ain't never caught a rabbit, you ain't no friend of mine.

Do the handjive outta hurr.


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10:31pm 01/11/2004
mood: crushed
I went from really happy, to extremely pissed in a course of like 3 minutes.

It's amazing what one phone call from one selfish bastard can do to you.

Even if he was supposed to be your bestfriend.

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The (Dreaded) Silver Ring Thing   
03:39pm 01/11/2004
mood: Foooolish!
Oh hey funny story.

Okay well no, not so funny if you are me.

Well I guess for a joke, (which is quite ridiculous to call it that because normally jokes are funny)my sister decided to sign me up and register my name for "The Silver Ring Thing". And if any of you know what "The Silver Ring Thing" is, you can imagine my distress to come home and check the mail and find all these pamphlets and brochures and "Thank you Ms. Porter for pledging your abstinence" papers. Yahoo.

Yes, that's right, "The Silver Ring Thing" now holds my virginity until I'm married. My dear sister pledged in my name that I would remain a virgin until my marriage or I will go to hell. And since I'm only half Jewish, the other part is Christian meaning, well I could likely go to hell. Which is the same case for everyone really if they have sex before marriage. But of course, I'm guessing YOUR virginity hasn't been pledged, in other words PROMISED to a bunch of nuns and ministers.

Go ahead, laugh all you want kities, just wait until I get ahold of your full names, adressess, daytime phone number, social security information and an essay on why you would like to join "The Silver Ring Thing" and BAM! Your virginity will be on the line just like my own! YUK IT UP FOOLS! YOU'RE NEXT!

Please comment and share your thoughts on my dilema.

Oh hey, and I'm also being shipped a cool silver ring to wear that SHOWS OFF my pledge, I declined the hoodie, pullover, and keychain though.

My sister finds the WEIRDEST ways to punish me, her idea of a joke. What a crack job.


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02:47pm 30/10/2004
mood: chipper
I re-did my journal in honor of my favorite movie, check out the icon too. I gatherd all the pictures and the words and backgrounds and colors and I took it to __iconcocks to have them put it all together, I think they did an amazing job, don't you? I just love it!

God I love this movie.

I'm going to Katy's in about 15 minutes or so.

I can't wait, tonight is gonna be BALLER. (Yes, BALLER)

Oh God, I just have to add one more thing. Last night Katy and I went to see THE GRUDGE. Despite how happy I was to see people, THAT MOVIE IS FUCKING SCARY AS HELL! NEVER AGAIN!

The only light happy part was when Katy accidnetly sent a bunch of skittles FLYING all over the theatre because she couldn't get them open. I totally felt like I was in a movie.

Moses loves you.

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Homecoming pictures are here!   
06:20pm 20/10/2004
mood: SO HAPPY AGAIN! I love life.
Okay, just letting you know, by looking at these pictures, you will get the whole homecoming experiance, because they are effing huge.

Just warning you!


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Homecoming Was BEYOND fun!   
09:46pm 17/10/2004
Oh MAN! Okay, the actual dance was alright, but the before and after party is what really rocked. Yes... rocked.

Okay, we all got to Jaya's house and stood around and took pictures for God knows how long, I swear we spent most of our time doing that. We escaped into the basement before Daniel's dad could take any more pictures. We played pingpong, (which I am SO good at) and hide and go seek (which I'm SO not good at). Hide and go seek turned into a big game of "Let's all just scare Hope" which they did. When it was my turn to seek I went into the dark area where Jaya's hot tub and sauna are, I couldn't see anything. And I was creeping around trying to find people when Daniel E and Daniel W (D squared)jumped out from behind the hot tub and screamed at me which scared the crap out of me because at the time I didn't know who they were, so I ran away and they ran after me. Daniel E pretended to be Gollum and started scaring me more. So after that I just turned on the lights, until everyone decided since I didn't find everyone, I had to be "it" again. So this time, I wandered down the hall when D squared jumped out YET AGAIN and scared me and this time made me fall.

We then went upstairs to eat dinner, when we all shared stories of our childhood, and when we got grounded. We stayed on the topic of me stealing my neighbors cat when I was 12 for 4 days. I only got grounded for 2 weeks though, but I had to work in my neighbors yard for that two weeks, AND rearange their book shelves. Pointless? Very. The dinner was soo good, and everything was beautiful, even the trashbag bibs.

We went back downstairs to play pingpong and more hide and go seek, and the short version of that would be, I can only do 4 pullups without help, then I start needing a boost, and we caught Rosa farting on camera. Pleasant.

Then we went to the dance and saw everyone, we boogied, partied, and everything. Hung out with the peeps, and the creepy silent kid Jen showed up with. Charming. So yeah.

We went back to Jayas for desert and some hitting people in the face with cake. That was great. We played the drums, took more pictures, and said goodbye to everyone after about an hour. When it was just Jaya, Me, Rosa, Daniel W, Gabby, Katie, and Lizzy left, we all started to change into comfortable clothes, and take our hair out. I looked like Shirly temple on heroin. I played ping pong against Daniel W, here on out known as 'DW' and I won. I think. That's up for debate.

But after DW left Me, Rosa, Gabby, Lizzy, and Katie spent the night at Jaya's house, I had to share a matress with Rosa, which was no party because she's a blanket hogger, and we all smelt like glitter. We ate fudge and watched The Day After Tomorrow with everyone. It was the best night ever, I am SOOOO HAPPY!


Pictures will be posted soooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!

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All I need is just to hear a song I know.   
10:31pm 07/10/2004
mood: Frazzled

Jesum crow.

I think I'm going crazy.

Me: You, you are so fucking smart.
Alex: It's a gift really.
Me: I miss the days when I was the smart one.
Alex: You were never the smart one.
Kelly: Yeah I don't remember those days either.

Once upon a time, people came to me for answers. People think I'm dumb because I didn't know buffalos were still alive. Well I was thinking of the Wooly Mamoth.

Rafe's birthday is on the 9th of this month. I'm not going to wish him a happy birthday, or even think about him. Because he hasn't even called since he moved. He is really a bastard. A hot bastard. But a bastard none the less.

Me: Oh well... my dad listens to crap music anyways.
Kelsey: Yeah... HEY! Your dad listens to my dad's band.
Me: Oh.. haha. Oh yeah.

Me: How's Clevland?
Kelsey: Well... it rocks.

Pervert Scottish Guy: You know what we wear under our kilts dontcha?
Kelsey: ...Yeah.
Pervert Scottish Guy: Well dont go peekin' now, we like to leave something to the imagination.

CK is the man, that's all I have to say.

CK: *Raises head high like the creepy kid he is* YAH. *brings it down as he says YAH and frightens us all*

All I could think about during choir was "Oh man... I wonder what he would look like during sex..." I am NOT interested in him AT ALL but you just can't help where your mind wanders to during a rousing rendition of Nelly Bly.

I'm coming to terms with how dumb I am.

Me and Mary were watching Mean Girls and when it comes to the part where the dumb girl Karen says "It's like I have ESPN or something."
Mary: Haha.
Me: Haha.
Mary: Do you get it?
Me: Yeah...
Mary: Oh my God. Hope, she means ESP.
Me: Yeah, I know.
Mary: No you don't.
Me: No! She doesn't mean ESP, ESP is the thing that is like on CD players, stupid.
Mary: Oh my God, no Hope, my math teacher was just talking about this. ESP is like predicting the future.

Kelly: How many times do you need to prove how dumb you are, for YOU to realize that... well... you are the dumbest person I know.

That was grammically uncorrect what you just spoke.

...So was that.

Okay you need to comment on this, and tell me how dumb I am. I'm not afraid of the truth, I swear. Be bruttaly honest, just do it in a loving way. Because I love you. Moses loves you. Just remember, MOSES LOVES YOU.

My pick up line:
Me (the predator): If we went camping, and I raped you, would you tell anyone?
The victim: No.
Me: Wanna go camping?


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I don't wanna wait... for our lives to be ovvvver.   
09:42pm 26/09/2004
mood: TIRRRED.
I want to write something in here.

But nothing seems really important.

I am so tierd. Today I went with Katy, Kristen, and their mom to 3 malls. Dress hunting, Katy was getting overly frustrated, but ended up getting a great dress, and I fell asleep in the car after the 2nd mall. Today we found out Katy's boobs are huge, but Kristens are huger, and my color is definetly NOT cranberry.

I'm going to be staying with Katy for a while, my parents are going to Alaska for a couple of days. HOW RANDOM I KNOW. But yeah, I'll be staying there, and we both agree we're going to get sooooo sick of one another, I think we should make a pact to stop playing the lisence plate game, PT Cruiser bruiser, or slug bug. I shoot myself for EVER making up the new rules.

Alright, well more later, I gotta go watch some Dawson.


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Got my new computurrr.   
01:19am 19/09/2004
mood: Tierd like the dickens yo.
Good lord.

I finally have my new computer and desk, it's awesome to no end.

Sims 2 is up and running FAST! Oh am I happy.

Last night, I think... yeah last night I went to the game. We lost. Bad. I ran around the entire stadium and even considered going to the bathroom. In a public place. In a school. I know, crazy talk. Anyway I went in with Jen and then decided I was better off wetting my pants then risk getting herpes.

I wore a band hat! Oh man! I want to be in the band SOOOOOOOOOO BAD! Oh my GOD! I'd kill to be in the band. For a breif moment when that band hat was on my head, I was one with the drums, the tubas, the trumpets, triangles, and whatever else those band people play. It was like multiple orgasms starting at the roots of my hair.

Then after the game I went to the dance, and stayed the entire time. Amazingly. I was so tierd, I fell asleep at the actual dance. Seriously, I was sprawled out on the floor outside of the gym doors laying on Brian's sweatshirt asleep. Pretty much everyone was on the floor. Brian was laying next to me, Katy was at my feet sitting up supporting Preston, and Elijah was sitting somewhere by Katy I think. I don't really remember because the only time I raised my head was to see if Preston had molested Katy yet. Then he put his head on my feet until I pushed him onto Katy again. At one point I had Katy and Brian hold my hands because I felt like I was on my death bed.

When it was close to leaving time Preston (or Elijah... I don't really remember, they kind of look alike and I was barely coherant) pulled me to my feet when Kramer came out and grabbed my arms and told me I looked dead. Which belive me, I did. I gave him a hug for being so brutally honest. Faith wasn't there to be the blunt honest person so I had to look to someone for the truth.

We had to wait for David to be done with whatever until we could go home because I was giving him and Katy a ride. Of course Jake came along too. On the way to David's house we quoted lines from Napolean Dynomite and discussed what we could do with my mom's van if she gave it to me for my car. I don't care HOW big the back seats are, I am NOT driving that tank engine around. After we dropped David off me and Katy both felt like we were dying, it was so foggy.

After I droped Katy off I went straight to bed. I was so tierd. I didn't get up until like 2 today. So that's the update. More later yo.

Oh and I have one of those Oly scarf things because Sara is the coolest person around.

Peace out girl scouts.

Microsoft... WORD!

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Go Hopey, It's yurr birthday, we gon' party like it's yurr birthday.   
10:17pm 15/09/2004
It's my birthday! I'm 15 on the 15th!

I just got off the phone with Mikey, I missed two of his calls because my phone was dead, and he called again today to tell me happy birthday.

Some other people called too, mainly Sam, Erin, Kelsey, and Chelsea. They sang me the most drunken version of Happy Birthday I've ever heard in my life. Maybe becasue it was in the bathroom, and Kelsey isn't the greatest singer so it echoed, but I loved it so much. Thank you guys so much!

Also today I GOT SIMS 2! BAM!

Katy- Dawson's Creek Third Season on DVD and a bunch of baloons waiting for me at the front desk.
Jennah- Earings, a necklace, and a giant card made with love.
Olga- Another card made with love.
Mary- A mint.
Joe- A bloody knuckle pound and a series of stinging high fives.
Kramer- FINALLY rubbed my arms and gave me a big hug.
Steven: A 20 oz Bargs Rootbeer

I love you all soooo much and I can't wait until my party. Thanks for a fabulous day!

Now I gotta go before Sam tells me something that's going to ruin my day. :) Or that's what she says.

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Orientation and a hurrcut.   
10:58pm 03/09/2004
mood: I'm smooth.
Good golly miss Molly. If there was ever a time to say this, that was it.

Orrientation was pointless, the assembly was way too long, and the games were one step up from death.

My schedule is this:

1. English --McKillip
2. Health --Noyes
3. Chorale --Schwartz
4. Science --Curtiss
5. Keyboarding --Barber
6. Algebra --Ritter

It's completely boring and sucks. I hate school, really I do. Now I'm hungry, and depressed. Rafe is moving to like Montana or some shit. Michigan maybe. I know it begins with an M but I'm too sad to think about it. So I'll be hanging out with Connor alone now. Which sucks because he's a total whimp. Shut up Connor you are. He gave me an incredibly....... I don't know how to describe the letter other than intense. It sucks! This year is going to suck! Summer isn't supposed to go by this fast. A lot of things happend this summmer that totally sucked, one being I missed a whole 5 days of Dawson's Creek, YEAH I KNOW... ME, HOPE, missed Dawson's Creek, it's like my air, how did I not die? Well I'll tell you, I missed it because I was in California having orgasms on carnival rides. Not an even swap, but it made the Dawson pain go away for a while.

But I gotta peace out and go have a snack. I'll leave you will a picture or two of my new haircut.

Or "hurrcut" as I like to call it.

Hurrs a teaser:

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